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Who We Are


Steve Milburn

Partner & Managing Director

Partner and managing director, Steve Milburn, has over 25 years experience in the building industry. As a third generation builder, his Grandfather began a family profession in building.

Steve begun his cabinet making apprenticeship at the tender age of 15. He then worked as a bricklayer with his father for 2 years before moving into concreting for 3 years. Steve gained his carpentry licence in 2011 followed by obtaining his builders licence in 2015.

During his career Steve has been involved with the construction of various multi-residential, commercial, luxury housing, industrial, and renovations throughout South East Queensland. 

Steve has extensive knowledge and obtained a lifetime of intense passion for traditional building and carpentry and takes great pride in his workmanship, reliability and a high level of personalised service to his clients.


​After starting his own company he soon realised that to grow and perform at the finest level he would need assistance. He met David Phun while getting his builders licence and they formed a great friendship, sharing morals and styles of building practices. They soon decided to merge their companies to form the company they always wanted.


Brisbane to Coast Constructions head office is located in East Brisbane , which allows our team to promptly service clients located on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Brisbane and surrounding areas.

David Phun

Partner & Managing Director

Partner and managing director, David Phun has over 14 years experience in the construction industry.


Raised from a young age helping his father renovate his family homes and properties he developed a passion for carpentry and design.


David gained his carpentry licence in 2012 followed by obtaining his Builders Licence in 2015. Formerly trained in high end residential construction ranging from $1M to $9M builds, David has an extensive knowledge of architectural and bespoke construction with a high attention to detail. David has also been involved in the construction of various industrial, commercial and high-rise projects throughout his career. 


After starting his own company in 2015, David soon found that attention to detail in the craft, working to a budget, and completing projects on time was not common in the industry. As a result his client based multiplied exponentially and all his work came from word of mouth without the need to advertise. 

To keep up with demand, David knew something had to change and a partnership had to be made with Steve. From years of friendship and working together, he knew Steve shared the same standards of building, and more importantly, the values that a company is built on: passion, communication and honesty. 


At the end of 2021, David and Steve merged their companies to form Brisbane to Coast Constructions Pty. Ltd



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Adminstrative Officer


Marketing Officer

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